The Black Swan

The Black Swan Burger features a seasoned chuck patty, mature cheddar cheese, bibb lettuce, a sunny side up egg, and streaky bacon on top of a toasted bun and completed with a side of fries. It is available a la carte ($30++) or via the set lunch menu ($38++ for two courses, or $44++ for three courses).
FoodGuideSG 12 Jun 2015   ⋅   981 views
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  • I really like the atmosphere of this restaurant which is buzzing at lunch times during the week. Their set menu is a favourite of mine for working lunches and I tend to go for the Black Swan Burger when visiting towards the end of a busy week. They don't try to over complicate the burger and the ingredients they use are fresh and delicious, particularly the beef itself. Well worth visiting for this dish alone.
    Stoopy 18 Jun 2015
  • The mood and setting in The Black Swan is very Great Gatsby-esque (aka awesome) which makes for an ironic yet befitting home for a fantastic gourmet burger. The bun and ingredients are fresh and of high quality while the meat itself is very flavorful and juicy - sink your teeth into it and you'll see why the $30++ price point is justified. The burger as a whole was greatly satisfying, though unfortunately the fries weren't anything special.
    Aaron 15 Jun 2015
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