Spicy Crayfish @ Xie Lao Song (蟹老宋)

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Call me old fashioned, but I'm quite averse to having Chinese food in the stereotypical 'Chinatown' spots surrounded by tourists. However, despite being located on Smith Street, Xie Lao Song is ridiculously authentic - most of the clientele and staff are very Chinese (and a lot don't even speak much English).

The food here is traditional and great - with the ma la xiao long xia (spicy crayfish) being the main attraction. Of course, being a Sichuan restaurant means they should also have laziji ($16) amongst many other goodies!
Aaron 12 Aug 2015   ⋅   2,913 views
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  • The cumin beef (also available in lamb) is very good!
    Aaron 22 Oct 2015
  • Xixi and I both love the Xiao Long Xia (spicy crayfish) here ($26 for a small plate, $35+ or so for large). The flavor is awesome and the meat is good.

    Also very fun cause you eat with your hands with see through gloves. I recommend doubling up with 2 gloves on each hand cause they may tear through one layer.
    Aaron 12 Aug 2015