Chicken Pot & La Zi Ji @ Fat Bird (胖胖鸡)

avg. per pax

Fat Bird is my go-to place when I'm craving something spicy. The Chongqing-style chicken pot isn't your traditional hot-pot where you cook raw meat in a soup, but rather more of a stew where the meat is already cooked and it simmers in a boiling sauce that brings out the awesome flavors. The beef version of the dish is also nice, and other must-tries are the La Zhi Zi (spicy chicken cubes) and Cumin Hot Plate Mutton.

The beer is only like $7-8 for a 750 ml bottle, which is very cheap. They have a good loyalty program and regular UOB credit card promos as well, so dinner usually runs about $30-40 / pax.
Aaron 01 Jan 2015   ⋅   3,388 views
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