Must Have Travel Apps

Must Have Travel Apps

Our smartphones can do much more than take photos while we travel. Here are some of the best apps that I know of to enhance any your holiday trips.
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  • XE Currency

    Save yourself manual forex calculations with the XE Currency app. You can select all currencies you're interested in converting so you can see a single amount in multiple currencies at once. Just tap the appropriate currency and enter a number and the amount will be converted at current foreign exchange rates to all the other currencies you want. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

    You can download the apps on your platform here:
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  • WorldMate

    WorldMate is an awesome app to organize your trip itinerary, doing all the meticulous filing and sorting for you. Just create an account with them and forward all your flight & hotel booking confirmations emails to - the app will automatically format all of the data into your account so it is very easy to get an overview and see what flights/nights you haven't accounted for yet. It completely removes the hassle of printing and looking for booking details or confirmation codes, and will update as time passes to always show your next flight/stay when you open your trip.

    There are also other features for price alerts, counter offers, flight search and time/currency converters, but I haven't tried those yet. This app is amazing for itinerary organization and management, and thats what I use it for.

    Download link:
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  • TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

    Almost every traveller has used TripAdvisor to plan their trips - whether to choose a hotel, arrange an itinerary, or get more information on the destinations they're visiting. However, I found that many people aren't aware that TripAdvisor has an Offline City Guides app that can be used on your phone without any internet connection.

    Think of this as a condensed version of TripAdvisor which you can download to your phone for the cities you're interested in. You have access to the hotels, attractions, restaurants, guides, reviews, and almost anything you need. The awesome part is the integration with GPS, which requires no data connection or SIM card. You can see your location on a map with the area around you, find nearby places and their reviews, and even use a 'point me there' feature to guide you to the place you select - like playing a video game, but in real life.

    Download link:
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  • Google Maps

    This one needs no explanation - there is a high chance you already have Google Maps on your phone right now. Use it to get around and navigate your way around whatever city or country you're at.

    No data? No problem! Here's a little tip - the Google Maps iOS app has an offline map feature (Android should have it as well). While you have internet, click on the search bar at the top of the screen and your recent search history and nearby places should display. Just scroll down the screen and at the bottom you should see the option to 'Save a new offline map'. Hit that button, pan/zoom to the area you wish to save, and then hit 'Save'. The cached map is now available even when you don't have internet - but make sure you have GPS enabled (GPS is always free and doesn't require a SIM/phone connection).

    App download link:
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  • SeatGuru

    SeatGuru is a site & app that lets you find the best seats on your flights, based on things like leg room and proximity to lavatories.

    You put in the airline and flight # and get back a seat map of the entire airplane that runs that route. Seats are then color-coded with notes and sometimes photos/reviews from users, indicating which seats have the most leg room, are quieter/noisier, are accessible for families, etc.

    While available as an app, the website is likely sufficient if you're planning all of your flights and seats prior to departure.
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