The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

We'll be adding awesome new burgers to this list every few days to create the ultimate resource for the best burgers in Singapore, complete with user ratings, comments, and photos to reveal which burgers you - the community - love the most. Check back regularly for updates and to share your thoughts!
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  • MeatLiquor SIN

    I had the Bacon Cheeseburger ($24) which was medium sized. The bun was soft and a bit dense though without much taste. The patty was nice and juicy with a grainy texture and awesome meaty flavor; a bit chewy and charred at the edges. The cheese and bacon bits added a nice taste without being too strong. The condiments were a bit tangy, contributing to a great taste overall.

    A delicious burger though a slightly bigger size, included fries, or cheaper price would make it perfect.
    Aaron 08 Sep 2015
  • Meat Smith

    Enjoyed dropping by this venue for lunch and would certainly recommend the Brisket Sandwiches, they have a choice of beef, pulled pork, and chicken. I went for the Beef Brisket and really enjoyed the overall flavours, tender meat and fresh rocket. If you're really hungry it would be worth having with a side dish since it does not come with fries.
    Stoopy 07 Sep 2015
  • Meat Smith

    I had the Brisket Burger ($12) which was medium-small in size. While it doesn't look like much - just the bun, some meat, and a few toppings - the burger was actually very good. The bun was chewy and springy without being dense, and had a great taste. The shredded meat was very savory, and though not really juicy nor tender (since it is shredded) it had a great texture and a really enjoyable brisket flavor. Adding a touch of BBQ sauce made the burger near-perfect. A very solid 4.5/5 stars.
    Aaron 05 Sep 2015
  • Ollie Cafe

    I had the Muddy Burger ($19.90) which was big and very messy. The beef patty is thick though quite generic in texture and taste. There was a strong nacho cheese flavor which had hints of truffle, crispy nacho chips and fresh guacamole & greens for unique textures & tastes, and tangy tomato chili which was rich but not overpowering. The soft bun was easy to miss, but the seasoned fries were great - very crispy, excellent texture & a touch of truffle. Overall a rich and filling meal w/ good value.
    Aaron 03 Sep 2015
  • RV Burger

    I had the Crazy Tower Burger ($23) which was dripping with all sorts of rich flavors. The cheddar cheese & mushrooms were quite strong in both taste & slimy texture, while the blue cheese & bacon added a lot of saltiness. The double beef patties were pretty enjoyable (right between fast food & gourmet) while the toasted bun was slightly dense with a nice buttery taste. The fries were a tad seasoned but very average. Overall a good, towering burger that'll definitely fill you up!
    Aaron 01 Sep 2015
  • Cook & Brew

    I had the Bacon Cheese Burger ($26) which has a good sized but underwhelming beef patty - a bit overcooked, not tough but also neither tender nor juicy. I liked the tangy flavors of the sauce & veggies rounded out by the egg, while the bacon was easy to miss. The bun was nice and tasty. I enjoyed the side of crispy shoestring fries, though the small stack of onion rings were just alright.

    A decent meal, but a better patty with more pronounced bacon would have helped a lot.
    Aaron 30 Aug 2015
  • Suprette

    Visited on a Friday night, this a great spot which has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and feels slightly away from the hustle and bustle.. Went for the Suprette burger which was extremely tasty and cooked perfectly.. Very generously sized too - a definite repeat!
    SHM2000 28 Aug 2015
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  • District 10

    I had the Black Angus Beef Burger ($19 w/ set lunch) which had a dense, buttery bun that I really enjoyed. The beef patty was quite chewy in texture with decent juiciness and hints of salt/seasoning that made for a great taste. There was a strong cheese & mayo flavor which was refreshingly good alongside the tomato. The fries were alright - thick but not very crispy. Overall a tasty burger that I'll glady have again.

    ps. the beef carpaccio was great, making for fantastic value as a set lunch.
    Aaron 28 Aug 2015
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  • Alt.Pizza

    The Alt Burger ($16) has a large (but not very thick) beef patty which was dripping with juice. While I wouldn't consider it gourmet, the patty has a slightly chewy texture with nice, subtle flavors. The toasted bun was a bit dense with good taste, while the toppings & sauces made for a fresh and slightly tangy flavor.

    I also had the seasoned fries (+$4) which had good texture & taste, though not very crispy. Overall a satisfying, casual burger thats nicely between gourmet & fast food. 3.5/5
    Aaron 26 Aug 2015
  • Suprette

    I dropped back into Suprette last Friday night and really enjoyed the addition of avocado to their signature Suprette Burger. It came in a very healthy portion and added to an already excellent experience.
    Stoopy 25 Aug 2015
  • Everything With Fries

    The Har Jeong Kai Burger ($11.90) has a chicken patty which is VERY crispy and has a very strong crispy prawn paste taste. The chicken meat is good, a bit salty but the lettuce, mayo, and soft bun helped that taste. If you really like har jeong kai on its own then you will love this, but make sure you love that flavor because it is very strong.

    I had curry fries with my meal which I liked. They are soft and have a lot of curry powder.
    Xixi 24 Aug 2015
  • Everything With Fries

    I had the Double Decker Burger ($14.90) which was very thick given the double beef patties. The meat had a decent taste and texture but was nothing too special; it wasn't gourmet but rather a bit generic - like a much better McDonalds patty. The bun was soft and the toppings typical, though the cheese was quite nice. The shoestring truffle fries (+$1 extra) were very good, pretty crispy with a nice aroma & flavor.

    A good, quick, and fairly priced meal if you don't need a gourmet burger.
    Aaron 24 Aug 2015
  • Omakase Burger

    my go to place for burger
    OSLing 23 Aug 2015
  • Five & Dime

    The Burger ($23) has a very thick patty made of several ingredients - the blended beef & pork meat also had hints of veggies within it; the texture was pretty grainy and a bit dry, while the flavor was slightly salty. This was well complimented by the egg and thick bun, which helped curb out the taste. The grilled onions were large and soft, but the flavor was easy to miss (same for the cheese). The shoestring fries were very nice and crispy. A cool place with a good, but not great, burger.
    Aaron 22 Aug 2015
  • Huber's Butchery & Bistro

    I had Huber's Beef Burger ($15.50) which is on the small side. The beef patty was nicely cooked with good texture, decent juiciness, and a nice beefy taste; a touch salty and chewy though I liked that aspect. The cheese was rather faint while the soft onions added good flavor to compliment the saltiness. There wasn't any bacon at first but they brought some after I brought it up; it didn't add much anyways. The fries were kinda crispy while the salad was nice & fresh. Overall good but not great.
    Aaron 20 Aug 2015
  • Epicurious

    I had the Epicurious Burger ($20) whose homemade patty was almost like bolognese, both in the soft and crumbly texture as well as in taste. The bun was nice and went well with the patty, while the greens, sauteed onions, and mushrooms offered fresh yet subtle complimentary flavors. Overall the bolognese taste was quite central to the burger, which was quite refreshing and not too heavy as a whole. The side of shoestring fries was ok, with some crispy others others a bit stale.
    Aaron 18 Aug 2015
  • Carvers & Co

    Had the honor of dining there with my little bro:)

    ok, straight to the burger...patty was full size, beefy but lacked the fatty greasy flavor, no fat no talk!! esp lard.

    the cheese and the bacon were nice toppings but were a salty combo overwhelming the patty and onion taste. Next time, skip either the bacon or the cheese.

    Service was prompt and attentive. Place was cosy too.

    tip: park at Roxy Sq or the bldg next to it and take the overhead bridge
    clim 16 Aug 2015
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  • Carvers & Co

    I had The General burger ($25) which had a thick, dense bun with a very tasty buttery flavor. The patty was thick with great texture and doneness, though the flavor deferred to the toppings. The cheese was quite strong in taste and salty alongside the bacon - something I really enjoyed (I like my food salty). The caramelized onions were good but not strong enough to overcome the saltiness. The tangy sauce on the side offered a unique twist and the fries were crispy & very good! Loved the meal :)
    Aaron 16 Aug 2015
  • Veganburg

    I haven't tried the satay burger but I go for their other grilled burgers quite regularly. It's nice and satisfying and I don't miss the meat at all!
    catastrofree 14 Aug 2015
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  • Veganburg

    I recommend making your burger a meal for $3.90 to add fries (or broccoli) and a drink. The fries are a bit crispy and light on the seaweed taste, but still quite enjoyable and will satisfy your hunger alongside the burger.
    Aaron 14 Aug 2015
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