• Fatboy’s The Burger Bar in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    Tried the Signature /Best seller Wimpy burger but found it rather average. It was not bad but I had higher expectations of it. Overall, the fusion of all the ingredients did not wow me or excite my taste buds. Perhaps, I'll try The Bushtucker the next time since it has better reviews.
    11 Jul 2015
  • Burp Kitchen & Bar in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I chose the Crabby Patty which consisted of brioche bun, battered soft shell crab, salted egg yolk sauce and coleslaw. The brioche was soft and tasty so thumbs up for that. The soft shell crab was crispy but it was still hard to digest( shells + burger) hmmmm... Maybe not such a great idea. Here comes the salted egg yolk sauce which I thought was a tad sweet. Perhaps, if it was a little more savoury than sweet I would have enjoyed it more. Overall, still a pretty good burger.
    07 Nov 2015
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