Paradise Dynasty (乐天皇朝)

When I want good Sichuan food in a slightly classier setting, Paradise Dynasty at Ion Orchard is always my first thought. The laziji here is perhaps my favorite in flavor - fairly crispy but not overly fried, and with a hint of sugar to take the edge off some of the spiciness. The $12 price point is also very reasonable given that the restaurant is quite classy compared to other Sichuan venues.

Other dishes here are also very good. I'd suggest avoiding peak hours unless you want to queue 30+ minutes.

In addition to their ION Orchard branch, they also have outlets at Lot One, Causeway Point, Westgate, VivoCity, and Changi Airport T3.
Aaron 12 May 2015   ⋅   4,111 views
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  • I can never say no to Sze Chuan cuisine and La Zi Ji has gotta be one of my fave dish. Paradise Dynasty has a great rendition of the dish albeit it is a little toned down, possibly to cater to the local taste buds; It has a little less kick than the ones I've tried and it leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste. The chicken is always nicely done too- not too oily, sufficiently crispy.
    louannwong 08 Jun 2015
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  • The cheesy xiao long bao ($9.80 for 6) is my favorite flavor as it really is quite cheesy. The black truffle version ($13.80 for 6) is a bit mushroomy and not really what I enjoy (I love truffle but dislike mushrooms), though I could see some people liking it.
    Aaron 08 Jun 2015
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  • The spinach is an excellent compliment to help take the edge off some of the more spicier dishes.
    Aaron 08 Jun 2015
  • The ma po tofu is also very good here
    Aaron 12 May 2015
  • This is perhaps the most unique and balanced laziji I've had, and quite possibly my favorite. It manages to be crispy without being overly fried, and I really love the slight use of sugar to round the flavor out a bit. Paradise Dynasty's version is a bit less 'intense' than a lot of other places, but given how flavorful the dish is by nature that is a welcome change.
    Aaron 12 May 2015