Site Overview

What is a List?

A List is a specific topic of interest which can contain multiple Items. For example, a user may create a List for 'My Favorite Animated Films', 'Great Boutique Coffee Shops in Brooklyn', or 'Best Hostels for Backpackers in Stockholm.'

What is an Item?

An Item is a specific option within a List which may contain details such as a description, price, and/or location. Users can post photos, comments, and ratings to each Item to share their opinions and experiences on it. For example, a List on 'My Favorite Animated Films' may include Items for 'Frozen', 'Toy Story 3', and 'The Lion King'. Other users can then add their own ratings, comments, and photos to these Items.

What is a Tile?

A Tile is a group of Lists. Users can create Tiles to contain related Lists so that they can be easily referenced and shared.