Creating and Managing Lists and Items

Creating Lists

You can create a List by clicking on the '+ Create a List' link in the header. This will take you to the Create List form.

The Create List form allows you to add a name, description, and photo for that List. There is also an option to change its privacy setting. The only field that is required is the List Name.

There are various additional options which can be viewed by clicking on 'Advanced Settings'. These include changing the default view, default sort, and whether or not item ratings are allowed.

Viewing Your Lists

To view all the Lists you've created, click on the 'My Lists' link in the header. This will bring you to the 'Lists' tab of your user profile. Click on a List to view it.

List Privacy

Lists are public by default, which allow users to find the List and underlying Items from other parts of the site, such as under the creator's user profile. These Lists may also be featured in other users' Tiles as well as favorited by other users. Comments, ratings, and photos posted on any Items within the List will also show up on the profiles of the users who created the comment, rating, or photo.

You can change the privacy setting of a List to Unlisted via the Privacy dropdown when creating or editing a List. This hides the List and all content within it on the site to anyone other than yourself, and will display the   UNLISTED icon on the List and all Items within it. You can still manually share the link to the List and any Items within it, and those recipients will be able to view and post on it. Note that people you've shared the link with can still send it to other people, and that no login is required to view the contents if someone has the link.

If you unlist a previously public List, any external URL links for that public list will no longer work. The List will also be removed from any Tiles which have featured it, and any user favorites on the List or its underlying Items will be deleted.

Creating Items

When viewing a List you've created, you can add Items by clicking on the  Add Item link under the List photo, or the button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Add Item form.

The Add Item form allows you to add a name, description, and optional price, website, address, and map, as well as a photo for that Item. The only field that is required is the Item name.

The optional price, website, address, and map fields are enabled/disabled via the 'has Price', 'has Website', 'has Address', and 'has Map' checkboxes.

When enabled, the Price field allows a numerical price to be entered, as well as a Price Description field to give context to the price. For example, a price description can be 'per person' or 'plus tax'.

When enabled, the Website field lets you enter a website URL for the Item.

When enabled, the Address field lets you enter an address for the Item.

When 'has Map' is checked, a blue 'Get Map!' button will appear below the Address field. When clicked, a location marker and map will be generated through Google Maps based on the Address. If your address is not found, try different variations such as removing floor/unit numbers or using nearby landmarks. Once the Map is generated, you can always go back and change the Address to something else for readability before creating the Item.

Adding Comments, Ratings, and Photos to your Items

Once you've created an Item, you may want to add additional comments, ratings, or photos to it. You can do this by clicking on the Item and using the input form under the main photo to post more content. The form includes a star rating (if the List did not disable ratings), a comment box, and an 'Add Photo' button - only one of these fields is needed to post. This is the same way in which other users will be able to add their comments, ratings, or photos to your Item.

Editing Lists, and Items

If you wish to edit a List or Item you've created, simply click the appropriate  Edit button while on the relevant page. This button is located right below the main photo when viewing a List, or right above the main photo when viewing an Item.

Using Existing Photos as the Main Photo of a List or Item

Each List or Item has an image which serves as its main display photo throughout the site. This can be a new photo uploaded via the Edit List or Edit Item forms, or if there are existing photos under it those can be used as well. Any photos posted to an Item may be used as the Item's main photo, while any photos posted to Items within a List can be selected as the List's main photo. Photos posted by other users are eligible to be used as your main List or Item photo if you choose so.

To use an existing image as the main List or Item photo, go to the Edit List or Edit Item form and click on the 'Use Existing' button below the image. This button will only appear when there are photos under the List or Item - if there are no photos, only the 'Upload Photo' button will be visible. After clicking on 'Upload Photo' a grid of photos will appear for you to choose a new main photo - click on the image you wish to use to replace the existing main photo.

Deleting Lists or Items

If you wish to delete a List or Item, first click on the appropriate  Edit button while on the relevant page. Once at the Edit List or Item page, look for the delete icon in the top-right corner of the window. Click on this delete icon and confirm the prompt to permanently delete it, along with any content within it.

Deleting a List will automatically delete all Items and posts within it.

Deleting an Item will automatically delete all posts (comments, ratings, and photos) within it.