Posting Comments, Ratings, and Photos

Posting a Comment, Rating, or Photo

When logged in and viewing an Item, you can add your own comment, rating, or photo to it via the input form below the main photo. This form typically has 3 fields: a five star rating input, a comment box, and an 'Add Photo' button. You can use or omit any combination of these inputs, for example just a rating or a standalone photo. Once you've inputted your content, click the 'PUBLISH' button to post it.

Replying to a Post

When logged in and viewing an Item, you can reply to a post by clicking on the Reply button at the bottom of the comment. This will bring focus to the input form where you can write your reply and add an optional photo. The star rating field is not used when writing replies.

To cancel a reply, click the in the header of the input form.

Disabled Rating Field

There are times when the five star rating field is not available. If the owner of the List disabled ratings on their content, then no rating input will be available for users. Disabling ratings also hides any previous ratings that may have been entered in the past.

Additionally, if you have already posted a rating to an Item, the rating field will be hidden by default when viewing that same item. This is to remind you that you've already rated the Item in the past - you can see the rating and date of that post by hovering over the 'Update your rating' text. If you wish to update your rating, click on the 'Update your rating' text and the five star rating input will become visible and usable again. Note that upon submitting an updated rating, the previous rating will become greyed out as covered in the section below.

Greyed Out Ratings

Ratings are greyed out when the user who created the rating has added an updated rating to the same item. Only the most recent rating will appear in orange and be counted in the average rating for that Item. All prior ratings by that user on the Item will be greyed out and excluded from average rating calculations.

Deleting Comments, Ratings, and Photos

If you wish to delete a comment, rating, or photo you made, just click on the delete icon at the bottom of the post. Note that you may only delete posts that you have created.