Using Tiles

Adding Lists to a New or Existing Tile

When viewing a List, you may add it to a Tile by clicking on the Add To button below the List name & description. This will show a dropdown of all your Tiles as well as a button to add it to a new Tile.

When selecting the option, a Tile will be automatically created using your username and the List will be added to that Tile.

If an existing Tile is selected, the List will be added to that Tile. Note that the checkbox on the left of the Tile name will indicate if the List has already been added to the Tile.

Viewing Your Tiles

To view all the Tiles you've created, click on the 'My Tiles' link in the header. This will bring you to the 'Tiles' tab of your user profile. Click on a Tile to view it.

Editing Your Tiles

When viewing a Tile you own, you can click on  Edit Tile under the main photo to edit the Tile name, description, photo, and text position. By default, the Tile name & description text will appear on the Tile photo. If you prefer this text to be above the photo, uncheck the 'position text on photo' checkbox.

Removing Lists from a Tile

There are two ways to remove a List from a Tile - when viewing the Tile or when viewing the List.

When viewing a Tile you own, there will be a icon on the top right corner of the List name. Click this icon and select 'Remove from Tile' to remove that List from the Tile.

Alternately, when viewing a List that is contained in one of your Tiles, click on the Add To button to show a dropdown of all of your Tiles. Those Tiles which currently contain the List will have a checkbox next to the Tile name. Selecting one of these Tiles will remove the List from that Tile.

Deleting Tiles

If you wish to delete a Tile, go to the Tile and click the  Edit button below the main photo. At the Edit Tile page, click on the delete icon in the top-right corner of the window and confirm the prompt to permanently delete it.

Deleting a Tile will not delete any of the Lists contained within it.