Characterful cafe on the ground floor with a cocktail bar tucked away on the first floor. The cafe is best known for its specialty coffees and you won't fail to notice the cold drip coffee brewers next to the counter.

Their Signature Eggs Benedict is served on a toasted brioche which is layered with prosciutto ham, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and served with a mixed green salad with honey mustard dressing and cashew nut flakes. On their weekday breakfast menu they also offer up Salmon Florentine ($20) and Eggs Florentine ($18), the former with Norwegian smoked salmon and sauteed baby spinach and the latter with crispy bacon and sauteed baby spinach.

The weekday breakfast menu runs from 9am - 11:30am and they have an all day weekend breakfast menu which also offers their Umami Florentine vegetarian option that comes with roasted shiitake mushrooms, sauteed baby spinach, and sauteed asparagus.
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  • I'd visited previously for their coffee and had recently been persuaded by a friend to try their eggs benedict. I went for their Signature Eggs Benedict and they had a special promotion on so my accompanying coffee was free. I enjoyed the presentation of the dish and the combination of flavours and ingredients certainly didn't let it down. The slightly glazed hollandaise sauce had a little spice to it which blended well with the toasted brioche, prosciutto ham, and beautifully poached eggs.
    Stoopy 17 Jun 2015