This trendy boutique cafe with its clean and bright interior has a strong following in the local area. Their lunch menu is available from 12pm to 5pm from Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4:20pm at the weekends.

Their Eggs Benny ($18) is a staple of their lunch menu and is served on a thick toast base with 2 wagyu beef slices, two poached eggs, mesclun greens, breakfast potatoes and a fruit salad.
FoodGuideSG 16 Jul 2015   ⋅   981 views
Very Good
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  • I'd noticed Five & Dime when driving past previously and was keen to see what lay behind the doors of this boutique cafe. I went for their Eggs Benny ($18) and really enjoyed its presentation. The eggs were of good quality and well poached. I really enjoyed the hollandaise sauce, slightly spicy roasted potatoes, side salad, and the fruit salad which was a novel addition to the overall flavours. The wagyu beef was a little stringy and lacking in a strong enough flavour to really add to the dish.
    Stoopy 16 Jul 2015