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I absolutely love rosti, and this is by far my favorite place to get it in Singapore. The queue attests to the quality of this dish - it is typically a dozen or so people long at any time of the day. Love the crisp texture of the fried outsides, plus an extra large serving of sour cream and a healthy dose of chives. You can also add on sausages / salmon / other stuff, though I typically go the original route.
Aaron 02 Jan 2015   ⋅   2,233 views
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  • Just found out that Marche has different set lunch options for each weekday, and one of Wednesday's options was 'Traditional Swiss rosti w/ tomato, cheese, & parma ham' with a homemade drink/soft drink - all for just $10.90+. A fantastic value and of course, the rosti was great as usual.
    Aaron 15 May 2015
  • You can add cheese, as well as various other toppings, to your rosti for a little extra flavor (and cost). I usually go with just plain, cheese, or smoked salmon - all with a generous dose of sour cream of course.
    Aaron 15 Apr 2015
  • By far my favorite rosti in Singapore. Always a huge line, but well worth it. Perfect crisp on the outside and great texture on the inside. Extra sour cream please!!!
    Aaron 02 Jan 2015