Club Meatballs

This place is fab - great decor and atmosphere and delicious meat balls which come in all varieties. I love the salmon meatballs salads (with a big mound of guacamole and edamame beans) and the pork meatball panini's. Perfect for a casual lunch with friends or colleagues.
lucymiles 23 Mar 2015   ⋅   1,067 views
Very Good
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  • The also have a really cool street side bar where they mix up a cracking Negroni too. Perhaps best consumed post work rather than over lunch.
    Stoopy 12 May 2015
  • Tried Club Meatballs the other day and loved the concept. Simple menu, good food, and really cool ambience. The semi-private room in the back is excellent to have a good conversation over lunch in a casual living-room type setting. My meal came out to $14 with 4 meatballs and pasta with various other toppings, but will definitely go with salad instead of pasta next time. A bit pricey and won't really fill you up, but thats to be expected for this type of food around the CBD.
    Aaron 12 May 2015
  • Yum! I love this place for a quick week-day lunch, the service is great and the pulled pork salad is delicious!
    suzie 01 Apr 2015
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