Sepang F1 and MotoGP Circuit - KL

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The international Circuit and considered one of the best and most challenging of the Worlds more recently designed and developed circuits. Already enriched with history, with many memorable races on both four wheels and two, and some we would rather forget (RIP - #58)

I recently visited Sepang with SBR trackdays (a Singapore based company) who run reasonably regular events there. While expensive the days are well run, with rider being split into 3 groups , A, B or C depending on experience. A friendly bunch too

I have recently return from another track day at Sepang 3rd May 2015, through SBR Trackdays , and would certainly encourage any Singapore riders to book via them for a well run day - they provide drinks (water and 100 Plus) but would certainly recommend bring something to eat if you are doing both morning and afternoon sessions.

Photos to add shortly
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