Java Chip Frappe @ Starbucks

Venti (large size)

Starbucks gets a bad rap from coffee enthusiasts who prefer a less corporate experience in favor of boutique shops. Thankfully, I don't drink coffee and can enjoy having a Java Chip Frappe without guilt at a Starbucks on pretty much any street corner nowadays.

This drink is bliss for the chocolate fanatic in hot Singapore - a chocolatey flavor with tiny chocolate chips embedded into every sip, topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Does it have any coffee in it? No idea. Does it taste fantastically delicious? Hell yes!
Aaron 15 Apr 2015   ⋅   933 views
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  • I'm not a coffee person but oh do I love my frozen, sweet, chocolatey drinks. The Java Chip Frappe at Starbucks is my go-to choice for getting in the mood, be it a breakfast replacement or after-meal indulgement. Love the mix of chocolate flavor, whipped cream, and little chocolate chunks to chew on.
    Aaron 15 Apr 2015
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