Situated at the Mandarin Gallery and Scotts Square, both branches have a warm European interior, some refreshingly quirky furniture, and serve a dedicated all day breakfast menu. They offer three versions of Eggs Benedict, the European ($22), the Spanish Hash ($24), and the Norwegian ($26).

The European is served on their signature brioche, two poached eggs and sauteed mushrooms wrapped with Italian proscuitto and covered with hollandaise sauce.

The Spanish Hash is served on house corned beef and potato with diced chorizo, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with their signature brioche on the side.

The Norwegian is served on wholewheat brioche with avocado, grilled asparagus spears, two poached eggs wrapped in Norwegian smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls.
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  • I went for their European Eggs Benedict and really enjoyed the presentation of the dish. The brioche base was fresh and gently toasted, the eggs were of good quality and very well poached. I really enjoyed the subtle layer of sauteed mushrooms alongside the rich and creamy hollandaise sauce which had a hint of citrus to it. The good quality prosciutto ham rounded off a very enjoyable and richly flavoured dish.
    Stoopy 27 Jul 2015
  • The Spanish Hash ($24) at Wild Honey is very photogenic with its unique presentation as well as ingredients. The egg was cooked well with a runny yolk, while the bread was just slightly crispy while remaining quite soft overall. The potatoes and sausage didn't have a very distinctive taste, though I was able to improve the flavor by adding a bit of sea salt. Despite its visual appeal, this dish was exactly as expected - nothing too bold or surprising taste-wise, just a solid eggs benedict.
    Aaron 19 Jun 2015