Riders Cafe

Riders Cafe is a casual al fresco venue nestled amongst the lush greenery of Bukit Timah Saddle Club. While famous for their brunch menu, they also offer a Riders Burger ($18++), which features a 200g Angus beef patty, smokey cheddar, Branston pickle, house sauce, and a side of fries. You can also add on toppings of mushrooms & gravy, bacon, or a fried egg for $1 each.
FoodGuideSG 29 Jul 2015   ⋅   961 views
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  • Cool location. Nice ambiance and helpful staff. The burger was cooked perfectly. We ordered medium and the burger was pink in the center. Bun was tasty, soft top, with a toasted half. Would definitely go back. Thanks for the recco Aaron!
    liucheng06 29 Jul 2015
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  • I had the Riders Burger ($18) whose patty was thick, juicy, and cooked to a perfect medium; the texture was great though the flavor didn't stand out in any way. The grilled onions were very tasty while the lettuce, tomato, and house sauce (tasted like thousand island dressing) added a refreshing touch. The bun and cheese were good but nothing too special. The fries were nice, fairly crispy, but more on the average side. Overall quite a good burger if you're around the area.
    Aaron 29 Jul 2015