Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

A friendly, modern, and relaxed cafe which would fit very well into any neighborhood. Open from 8:30am until 9pm from Sunday until Thursday, and from 8:30am until 10:30pm on Friday and Saturdays.

They serve an all day breakfast and brunch menu which includes their rather Mexican take on Eggs Royale ($15).

The dish is simply listed on their menu as Thick toast, smoked salmon, guacamole, 2 poached eggs, sprouts and roasted almond nuts with Chipotle Mayo.
FoodGuideSG 29 Jul 2015   ⋅   670 views
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  • I really liked the laid back nature of this coffee shop with its rustic feeling wooden interior. Interested in trying the closest option on the menu to Eggs Royale I went for the subject dish. I really enjoyed the good quality smoked salmon and generous layer of guacamole. The eggs were a little under poached for my liking and of average quality. I enjoyed the chipotle mayonnaise and the depth it gave when mixed in with all the other flavours.
    Stoopy 29 Jul 2015