BWB (Burger vs Wings + Bar)

BWB (Burger vs. Wings + Bar) is an American style restaurant with a 'Food Fight' concept to compliment their boxing themed venue and wide selection of standalone burgers.

The signature Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90+) features stockyard angus beef, streaky bacon, arugula leaves, creamy peanut butter, sunny side up egg, cheddar cheese, and a sun-dried tomato brioche bun. Other beef options include the BWB Classic Heavyweight Burger ($19.90+) with chili con carne, the BWB Mini Burger Sampler ($20.50+) with grilled tiger prawn, black caviar, and kurobuta pork cheek, the Pumpkin Crispy Rice Cake Burger Benedict ($16.90+), and the Barnburner Shredded Beef Burger ($16.80+).

Non-beef burger choices include the Pacific Izumi Fish Burger ($15.80+), the Cajun Spice Pork Burger ($18.00+), the Free Range Chicken Burger ($15.50+), and the Veggie Lightweight Burger ($14.00+).

A side of fries (cheese, garlic & parsley, or sweet potato) can be added for an extra $3.80 per serving.
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  • I also tried the Garlic & Parsley Fries ($3.80) which were very crispy with a nice flavor. I really liked that I could clearly taste the garlic and parsley on the fries, compared to ‘flavoured’ fries at other places which usually have a faint (if anything at all) taste of the featured ingredients.
    Aaron 04 Aug 2015
  • I went for the Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90) as that was their signature dish. The patty was thick with a nice texture and a strong charred taste. However, the flavor definitely deferred to the peanut butter (I guess this is the point). The veggies & egg added a different dimension of taste but didn't really compliment the peanut butter, though the bacon added a touch of welcome saltiness. I enjoyed the burger though the peanut butter was a bit much; I'd like to try the others next time.
    Aaron 04 Aug 2015