AltPizza is a contemporary pizza bar at Suntec offering a range of 11-inch pizzas, starters, craft beers, and wines. Amongst their vast menu options is the Alt. Burger ($16++), which features a 150g patty of blended grass fed sirloin, chuck and short rib, with melted aged American cheddar, bibb lettuce, sliced momotaro tomato and red onion; it is served on a homemade sesame bun along with their special Alt. sauce. Check out the specials board by the kitchen for more specialty burgers that may be available.

You can add a side of fries or crispy calamari fritti for an extra $4.
FoodGuideSG 26 Aug 2015   ⋅   969 views
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  • The Alt Burger ($16) has a large (but not very thick) beef patty which was dripping with juice. While I wouldn't consider it gourmet, the patty has a slightly chewy texture with nice, subtle flavors. The toasted bun was a bit dense with good taste, while the toppings & sauces made for a fresh and slightly tangy flavor.

    I also had the seasoned fries (+$4) which had good texture & taste, though not very crispy. Overall a satisfying, casual burger thats nicely between gourmet & fast food. 3.5/5
    Aaron 26 Aug 2015