Little Diner

Little Diner at Bukit Timah offers a wide range of burgers which come with a side of hand cut fries that are upgradeable to cajun (+$1) or truffle (+$5).

Their hand-formed beef patty burgers include the Midtown Burger ($19.50++) topped with caramelized onions, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato, and the XXX Baconator ($21.50++) with melted swiss cheese, crispy bacon strips, espresso bacon jam, and bacon aioli. Other options include the Shrooms & Truffle Burger ($22.50++) and the BL(A)T Burger ($21.50++).

The BBQ Pigwich ($18.50++) features a mountain of juicy slow roasted spiced pulled pork topped with smoky BBQ sauce, fresh pickled onions, and a side of homemade coleslaw.

Last but not least, the Empire Burger ($55++) can be shared between 3-4 pax, boasting 3x beef patties, multiple slices of bacon, swiss & cheddar cheese, fried egg, caramelized onions, lettuce & tomato. Up for a challenge? Finish this burger and fries by yourself in 20 minutes to get it for free!
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  • Baconator w/ extra egg and Cajun fries: I definitely would urge u to add the $1 egg to the burger. The egg simple as it sounds, brings the flavour of the patty & esp the bacon out. While the very unique texture of the patty is almost cotton candy like with just the right amount of juice tucked in it awaiting the 2nd bite for it to ooze out into your mouth. The bacon wasn't crispy enough for my liking. The sauce was a little too much for my taste buds and the burger lacked vegetables.
    Reg84 10 Aug 2015
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  • I went for the Midtown Burger ($19.50) which had one of the thickest patties I've ever seen. The texture was quite delicate, falling apart in your mouth, and had more of a watery moistness than juiciness. There was a slight charcoal grill aftertaste which went well with the subtle flavors of the cheese, caramelized onions, and veggies. The bun was quite normal while the fries were unique - half soft, half crispy, and super tasty! A good burger & meal, but adding bacon would make it much better.
    Aaron 10 Aug 2015