SEAR Steakhouse at Raffles Place serves specialty meat cuts and freshly grilled seafood with an unparalleled penthouse view from the 45th floor of Singapore Land Tower.

Their extensive menu of appetisers, seafood, and meats include the SEAR Wagyu Burger at $38++ a-la carte, or as part of the set-lunch promotion as a 2-course ($37++) or 3-crouse ($44++) meal.
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  • I had the SEAR Wagyu Burger with the 3-course set lunch ($44) and was expecting a lot for the price ($5 more than the grilled Wagyu steak option). The patty is quite tender with a light beef taste, but it wasn't very thick nor flavorful. The toppings were refreshingly tangy - I tasted tomato and avocado amongst other ingredients - while the bun was soft, slightly dense, and quite normal. The shoestring fries were crispy and great. Overall a good burger, but nothing too special given the cost.
    Aaron 22 Sep 2015