Relish by Wild Rocket

Relish by Wild Rocket offers 10 burgers served with a side of fries or salad.

Their beef burgers have 180g patties and include the Wild Rocket Burger ($19.20++) with rocket, sarawak pepper cream & sun dried tomato relish; the Bacon & Cheese Burger ($19.90++) with crispy bacon, cheese, cabbage, & tomato relish; the Blue Cheese & William Pear Burger ($21.90++) with rocket, poached pear, walnut peanut butter, and a blue cheese infused beef patty; and the Mushroom & Cheese Burger ($19.60++) with sautéed mushrooms topped with melted cheese.

Other options include the BBQ Char Siew Pork Burger ($21.40++), Soft Shell Chili Crab Burger ($19.80++), Pork Belly Burger ($20.60++), Portobello Burger ($19.60, vegetarian), Ram-Lee Burger ($21.90++), and the Breakfast Burger ($20.80++) with a homemade apple & pork patty, cheese, & omelette served on english muffin with roasted potatoes instead of fries/salad.

Relish also has an outlet at 1 Maju Avenue #02-07, myVillage at Serangoon Gardens.
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  • I had the Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger (19.90) which had a medium rare patty with a strong beef flavor. While it wasn't too juicy, the taste and texture was quite enjoyable (though a bit starchy at times, alongside the normal bun). The crispy bacon added a touch of flavor alongside the tangy tomato relish, though the overall taste was pretty faint (ketchup helped a bit). The fries are a bit thick, solid yet soft at the same time for a decent texture. Overall the taste & size is pretty average.
    Aaron 23 Jul 2015