Two Blur Guys

w/ potato & salad

Two Blur Guys is a casual venue in Tanjong Pagar which specialises in burgers. The Prime Beef Burger ($14.95+) features a prime beef patty, tomato, sweet relish, Gruyere cheese, and truffle mayo; those looking to add on streaky bacon can opt for the $17.95+ version. Other options include the Prime Beef w/ Portobello Mushroom ($17.95+), Pulled Pork ($13.85+), Pulled Chicken ($12.85+), and Grilled Chicken ($12.50+), as well as more unique offerings such as the Duck Rillette ($13.50), Smoked Salmon ($12.50), and a vegetarian Portobello Burger ($12.95).

All burgers come with a side of potato salad and garden greens, and can be made into a meal for an extra $5.90 to add on a dessert and drink.
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  • Their burgers are full of flavour and certainly hit the spot. I went for their Prime Beef Burger recently and found it to be a little too juicy / greasy for my liking; had to resort to knife and fork. I really liked their truffle mayonnaise and relish which certainly enhances the taste and would bring me back again. One of the better quick-turnaround gourmet burger offerings that I've come across in Singapore and I would definitely recommend to friends looking for inspiration on that front.
    Stoopy 29 Jun 2015
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  • I had the Prime Beef w/ Streaky Bacon Burger ($17.95) and really enjoyed the meal. The patty was pretty thick and literally dripping with juice, and while it was a bit chewy the taste and texture were very enjoyable. The cheese was good and the bacon was a nice compliment as always. The truffle mayo, however, pushed the burger from good to great! The potato salad and greens were nothing special, but the burger made up for it. The overall size of the burger is good - not huge but just nice.
    Aaron 29 Jun 2015