Three Buns by Potato Head Folk

Three Buns is a venue dedicated to burgers, taking up the first two floors of Potato Head Folk on Keong Saik Road. Their motto is '100% all-natural burgers using finest quality meat, bespoke artisan buns and generous homemade slow cooked sauces. Full-flavored and sizeable, these burgers are served on their own and best eaten with your hands.'

There are a dozen-odd burger options as well as a number of sides. The Baby Huey ($18++) features a prime beef patty, cheese, lettuce, ‘Notorious T.O.M. sauce’, pickles & spiced mayo in a demi brioche bun. The Burning Man ($20++) offers a prime beef patty, applewood smoked cheddar, roasted jalapeño relish, hot ketchup & dashi mayo in a wholemeal bun. The Four Floors ($26) is a Baby Huey with double patties, double cheese, and triple onions. The Truff Ryder ($35++) includes a pure Wagyu beef patty, pan-seared foie gras, and French summer black truffle. Other options such as chicken, lamb, and even crab patties are available as well.
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  • I went for the Baby Huey burger ($18) on a recent visit to Potato Head for lunch. Really enjoyed the fresh ingredients and mixture of flavours that this burger delivers. The spiced mayonnaise and toasted brioche bun rounded off an experience that I'd be quite happy to repeat again soon.
    Stoopy 03 Jul 2015
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  • The Truff Ryder ($35) initially left me unimpressed with its size and presentation, however that all changed with my first bite. The onion jam and sauces combined to make an incredible flavor unlike anything I've had before. The patty is neither thick nor 'gourmet' but had a great texture and complimented the ingredients well. While the truffle and foie gras were quite subtle they contributed to an overall fantastic taste. A bit on the small side for the price, but I'll definitely have it again.
    Aaron 03 Jul 2015
  • The Naughty Fries ($10) are actually like thick potato chips, very crispy on the outside while having a soft potato-texture within. The texture is great and the flavour is unique and enjoyable - the spiced bernaise sauce, hot beef child, crisp shallots, and parmesan combine for an awesome and different taste. A very nice accompaniment to go with your burger to round out a meal.
    Aaron 03 Jul 2015