Burp Kitchen & Bar

Burp Kitchen & Bar is a cozy cafe in the heartlands with a view overlooking the water and greenery of Bedok Reservoir Park. Their casual menu consists of a range of bar grub, burgers, tacos, and brunch items.

Burp's selection of burgers are all served on a Brioche bun with a side of Burp's Potato Salad. The Curried Pork Burger ($14++) features a curry pork patty, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, and curry mayo; Burp's Beef Burger ($14++) boasts a beef patty, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, pea sprouts, and spicy mayo; the Crabby Patty ($18++) has battered soft shell crab, salted egg sauce, and coleslaw; while The Vegetarian ($12++) includes a sweet potato tofu patty, lettuce, and ranch sauce.

Those opting for the brunch menu can go for the Breakfast Burger ($10++), which features spam, bacon, scrambled eggs, and potato salad on a Brioche bun.
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Recent Comments

  • I chose the Crabby Patty which consisted of brioche bun, battered soft shell crab, salted egg yolk sauce and coleslaw. The brioche was soft and tasty so thumbs up for that. The soft shell crab was crispy but it was still hard to digest( shells + burger) hmmmm... Maybe not such a great idea. Here comes the salted egg yolk sauce which I thought was a tad sweet. Perhaps, if it was a little more savoury than sweet I would have enjoyed it more. Overall, still a pretty good burger.
    Katsnoop 07 Nov 2015
  • I had Burp's Beef Burger ($14) which had a nice fluffy Brioche bun with a light buttery taste. The beef patty was both fresh and tender, with great subtle flavors and hints of spice in the meat; however it was also slightly on the dry side. The cheese, greens, and mayo added nice tastes to the overall burger. The potato salad was also delightfully refreshing and not too strong nor heavy.

    If you're a fan of quality, subtle flavors instead of super strong tastes, then this burger is for you.
    Aaron 02 Nov 2015