Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate

w/ fries & coleslaw

Ninethirty is a dining bistro restaurant serving a contemporary selection of western main courses with Asian touches and Awfully Chocolate desserts. Their creative menu consists of Just The One Soup, Delicious Starts, Sexy Noodles, Gorgeous Mains, Brilliant Breakfast, and a whole selection of desserts from Awfully Chocolate.

Ninethirty’s burger choices include The Great Burger ($16++) which features a 180gm beef patty, red cheddar roux, cherry tomatoes, and crisp bacon served with roasted garlic fries; as well as the Tandoori Chicken Burger ($17++) with a flame grilled tandoori chicken patty and served with smokey sea salt fries.
FoodGuideSG 10 Nov 2015   ⋅   3,277 views
Very Good
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  • I went for The Great Burger ($16) whose patty had mixed textures - tougher on the charred outside yet nicely soft and grainy on the inside. The beef taste was very good, shining through the other ingredients to be central to the overall burger. There were also lots of tangy flavors - likely the cherry tomatoes - while the crispy bacon wasn't salty but still nice. The bun was soft yet quite dense at times, and the shoestring garlic fries weren't too crispy but had an awesome taste. 4.5 stars!
    Aaron 10 Nov 2015