Cafe Melba

Overlooking an open field at the Goodman Arts Centre, Cafe Melba offers a relaxing setting to enjoy their all-day brunch and chill out food. Their Melba Burger ($25++) features a 180g beef patty, home made relish, home-cured bacon, and cheese, and comes with your choice of salad, shoestring fries, or wedges. There is also the option to add pineapple and beetroot for an extra $2.
FoodGuideSG 19 Jul 2015   ⋅   716 views
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  • Not recommended. I had this twice on different occasions and they were served luke warm. I sent it back the 2nd on the 2nd ocassion to get it heated up. Taste wise... it's pretty normal. You get more bang for bucks for an ieatsuperburger.
    Boon1975 23 Jul 2015
  • I loved the toasted bun which had a nice flavour on its own. The patty looked unimpressive (perhaps frozen/outsourced?) but it still had a good texture and was neither too juicy nor dry. The most enjoyable aspect was the condiments - the strong tomato relish & sauce made for a refreshingly tangy taste and coupled very well with the bacon, lettuce, and mayo for some unique flavors. The large side of shoestring fries were perfectly crispy and very good, making for a satisfying meal overall.
    Aaron 19 Jul 2015