Dojo serves up Japanese-inspired burgers which mainly feature pork patties (beef isn’t on the menu here). Their selection of 11 creatively named burgers ($10-14 NETT) all come with a side of fries and a canned drink.

The Big Boss ($14) features a pork patty topped with crispy onion rings, egg, melted cheese, and crunchy strips of bacon. The Kaiju ($12) packs a monstrous helping of mushrooms and melted cheese on a pork patty slathered in sauce made from a combination of shiitake, champignon, and paddy straw mushrooms. The Hadoken ($14) has a pork patty topped with spicy chili meat sauce, diced onions, cheese, and bacon strips while the Sumo ($14) includes a pork patty, roasted sesame dressing, and crispy batter-fried pork belly topped with crunchy salad.

Non-pork options include the Fowl Play ($11) with a crispy fried chicken fillet dressed in tangy mayo, and the Vega ($10) meat-free patty made from potato, carrots, champignon mushrooms, and onions.
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  • I tried the Big Boss ($14) which had a juicy pork patty that wasn't too flavorful on its own but went well with the toppings. The bacon and onion rings were crispy and combined with the cheese & veggies for a nice taste, though the egg didn't really stand out in any way. The bun wasn't toasted but had a nice distinctive taste to it, while the fries were cooked perfectly crispy yet tender inside. In all, burger is quite decent - not too sinful nor big - a bit plain, though the value is good.
    Aaron 15 Jul 2015