Nestled amongst the scenic nature of Bishan Park, GRUB offers a number of burgers to enjoy during lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Their burgers are served on a wooden platter alongside a cup of fries, with the option to add on Monterey Jack cheese/caramelized onions/pineapple/fried egg ($2 ea) or portobello/bacon ($3 ea).

The GRUB Cheeseburger ($13++) features a 100% freshly minced and Monterey Jack cheese, while the GRUB Double Cheeseburger ($18++) adds on a double-patty, double-cheese, and bacon.

GRUB also offers several non-beef burgers such as the Grilled Chicken Burger ($12++) with teriyaki glazed chicken thigh, enoki fritter, and mayo; the Pork Steak Burger ($13++) with sous vide glazed pork and grilled pineapple; the Crispy Fish Burger ($14++) with crumbed fish fillet and remoulade; and the Portobello Burger ($11++) with grilled portobello, crumbled feta, and lettuce.
FoodGuideSG 27 Jul 2015   ⋅   949 views
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  • I also ordered caramelised onions (+$2) as an add-on which was served on the side. They were tasty and added a new depth of flavour to the burger despite being fairly dry. Worth the price if you love caramelised onions, but the burger has enough taste to it on its own to be good without any additional condiments.
    Aaron 27 Jul 2015
  • I had the Double Cheeseburger ($18++) whose double stacked patties were good: not the juiciest nor most flavorful, but quite enjoyable especially alongside the toppings. The generous serving of melted cheese and bacon was quite tasty though a touch on the salty side. The lettuce and sauce (thousand island?) was tasty, refreshing, and flavorful. The bun was small and good but nothing special, while the crispy fries were great - fried well yet still fluffy inside. A very good burger on the whole.
    Aaron 27 Jul 2015