Meat Smith

Meat Smith is a modern steakhouse which caters to both lunch and dinner trade, with a bar stocked with craft beers, cocktails, bourbons, and the infamous pickle backs to go alongside their menu of starters, meats, and sandwiches/burgers.

Their menu includes 3 "sandwiches" which come in buns and can be classified as burgers: the Nashville Fried Chicken ($10+) with chili glazed, pickles, lettuce, and mayo; the Pulled Pork ($11+) with vinegar slaw & pork rinds; and the Brisket ($12+) with rocket, pickled mustard, and mayo. If you're feeling hungry, just top up $5 to double up on meat!
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  • Enjoyed dropping by this venue for lunch and would certainly recommend the Brisket Sandwiches, they have a choice of beef, pulled pork, and chicken. I went for the Beef Brisket and really enjoyed the overall flavours, tender meat and fresh rocket. If you're really hungry it would be worth having with a side dish since it does not come with fries.
    Stoopy 07 Sep 2015
  • I had the Brisket Burger ($12) which was medium-small in size. While it doesn't look like much - just the bun, some meat, and a few toppings - the burger was actually very good. The bun was chewy and springy without being dense, and had a great taste. The shredded meat was very savory, and though not really juicy nor tender (since it is shredded) it had a great texture and a really enjoyable brisket flavor. Adding a touch of BBQ sauce made the burger near-perfect. A very solid 4.5/5 stars.
    Aaron 05 Sep 2015