Carvers & Co

Carvers & Co is a cosy, cafe-like venue serving up a number of steaks as well as a weekend brunch. Their weekend & dinner menus include ‘The General’ Burger ($25+) which features a secret-grind beef patty, melted aged cheddar, caramelised onion, dijonnaise Carvers homebrew ketchup, and bacon weave on an artisan bun. The meal comes with a side of fries & salad and can be topped up for an additional $3 for any of the following: English sausage, streaky bacon, mushrooms, eggs, homemade ketchup, or buttered toast.

Note: Carvers & Co advise that their flagship burger sells fast so call in advance (+65 6348 0448) to reserve one and avoid disappointment.
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  • Had the honor of dining there with my little bro:)

    ok, straight to the burger...patty was full size, beefy but lacked the fatty greasy flavor, no fat no talk!! esp lard.

    the cheese and the bacon were nice toppings but were a salty combo overwhelming the patty and onion taste. Next time, skip either the bacon or the cheese.

    Service was prompt and attentive. Place was cosy too.

    tip: park at Roxy Sq or the bldg next to it and take the overhead bridge
    clim 16 Aug 2015
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  • I had The General burger ($25) which had a thick, dense bun with a very tasty buttery flavor. The patty was thick with great texture and doneness, though the flavor deferred to the toppings. The cheese was quite strong in taste and salty alongside the bacon - something I really enjoyed (I like my food salty). The caramelized onions were good but not strong enough to overcome the saltiness. The tangy sauce on the side offered a unique twist and the fries were crispy & very good! Loved the meal :)
    Aaron 16 Aug 2015