Dimbulah Cafe & Bistro (Chijmes)

The Australian coffee chain Dimbulah is best known for their coffee and cafes around the CBD, however their outlet at Chijmes also serves a variety of dishes including their Beef Burger ($18) which has a prime Australian lean beef patty, fresh herbs, and all the trimmings (bacon, melted cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes, and greens). The burger comes with a side of thick, course cut fries.
FoodGuideSG 25 Jun 2015   ⋅   1,004 views
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  • The Beef Burger ($18) at Dimbulah Chijmes looked promising at first - perfectly sized, all the right ingredients, and with a healthy serving of fries. Though the bacon was abundant and well cooked, the texture and taste was more fitting to go with eggs than on a burger. The cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes and greens added individual flavors yet didn't come together to make the overall burger better. The patty was fairly thin and uninspiring while the fries were thick yet equally lackluster.
    Aaron 25 Jun 2015