The Market Grill

The Market Grill offers 6 signature burgers by Chef Colin West, each with its own unique ingredients & bun, served with fries and balsamic-dressed mesclun salad.

The chilled chuck beef patties come in 150/200g sizes: The CW Portobello ($25/$34+) features a creamed portobello mushroom, bacon, and romaine lettuce on a sesame seed bun. The CW Bleu Cheese ($25/$34+) is topped with salty bleu cheese, sweet burnt onion marmalade, and bacon on a walnut raisin bun. The CW BBQ ($23/$32+) is smothered with BBQ sauce, melted aged cheddar, romaine lettuce, and gherkins on a sesame seed bun. The CW Burger Breakfast ($24/$33+) includes a fried sunny side up egg, bacon, and aged cheddar.

Non-beef options include the CW Cod Fish ($28+) with grilled pommery-marinated buttery Atlantic cod, vine cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and lemony herbed mayo in a parmesan bun; and the CW Chicken ($22+) has a whole thigh rubbed with blended herbs & spices, and topped with gherkins atop a sesame seed bun.
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  • Just went back to have this again recently, still as good as I remembered! Will definitely be coming back for more
    Aaron 01 May 2016
  • I had the cod burger and it was excellent. Really simple flavors that came all the way through and the mayo that was slathered on was a delicious partner to the grilled cod. I've also tried the cod on its own and it was equally yummers.
    catastrofree 22 Jul 2015
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  • I ordered the CW Bleu Cheese (150g @ $25) which was refreshingly unique in several ways. The bun was soft with embedded raisins which made for a nice taste. The medium rare patty was perfectly cooked with great texture, and while not too juicy or strong went well with the toppings. The grilled onions, crisp bacon, and (very strong tasting) bleu cheese made the burger explode with awesome flavors! At 150g, the size is just nice with the crispy fries and salad. One of my favorite burgers so far!
    Aaron 17 Jul 2015