RV Burger

RV Burger at River Valley offers a selection of gourmet burgers, sides, meat & seafood entrees, pasta, and pizzas crafted from fresh ingredients.

Their menu has many pages of burgers which have 180g patties and come with a side of fries. The options include the Wagyu Beef Burger ($21+), Crazy Tower Burger w/ 2x beef patties ($23+) , The Fisherman ($15+), Yakiniku Beef Burger ($14+), Shrooms Fever Burger ($15+), Bacon & Cheese Burger ($16+), Cajun Chicken Burger ($14+), Vegan Burger ($13+), Plain Jane ($13+), Porky Burger ($15+), Chicken Bacon Burger ($15+), Three Little Pig ($15+), Melting Cheese Burger ($15+), The Mexican ($16+), Tandoori Chicken ($15), Indulgence Burger w/ battered tempura ($15), and a Trio of Mini Wagyu Burgers ($15+).

The Monthly Special menu may also feature the Crazy Chef Burger ($28+) with 3 layers of 180g patties topped with bacon, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, sauteed mushroom, Portobello mushroom, mesclun, tomato salsa, jalapeno and chili con carne.
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  • Waggyu Burger is my favorite in RV Burger. It is a must try.
    Alexalbuq 13 Sep 2015
  • I had the Crazy Tower Burger ($23) which was dripping with all sorts of rich flavors. The cheddar cheese & mushrooms were quite strong in both taste & slimy texture, while the blue cheese & bacon added a lot of saltiness. The double beef patties were pretty enjoyable (right between fast food & gourmet) while the toasted bun was slightly dense with a nice buttery taste. The fries were a tad seasoned but very average. Overall a good, towering burger that'll definitely fill you up!
    Aaron 01 Sep 2015