Veganburg offers a 100% plant-based menu featuring a selection of burgers which contain no meat. Their food is free of cholesterol, dairy, and egg, while their patties are GMO/Gluten free as well.

The Cracked Mayo Burger ($5.90) has a crispy patty with rich & creamy mayonnaise; the Mustang Relish ($5.90) features a crispy patty with splatters of fat-free mustard, pickles, and Aussie red onion bits; the Hawaiian Teriyaki ($6.90) boasts a pineapple ring atop a pan-grilled patty drizzled in teriyaki sauce; the Char-Grilled Satay ($6.90) is topped with rich nutty satay sauce and Aussia onion rings; the Smoky BBQ ($7.90) has a pan-grilled mushroom patty with tomato, alfalfa, and fresh onions; and the Creamy Shrooms ($7.90) features a crispy yet juicy patty with home-made cream sauce, topped with lightly sauteed button mushrooms. There are also Paleo ($8.90) and Chik'n Tartar ($6.90) burger options.

Add on $3.90 for a drink and seaweed fries or chillin brocolli. All prices NETT.
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  • I haven't tried the satay burger but I go for their other grilled burgers quite regularly. It's nice and satisfying and I don't miss the meat at all!
    catastrofree 14 Aug 2015
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  • I recommend making your burger a meal for $3.90 to add fries (or broccoli) and a drink. The fries are a bit crispy and light on the seaweed taste, but still quite enjoyable and will satisfy your hunger alongside the burger.
    Aaron 14 Aug 2015
  • I had the Char-Grilled Satay Burger ($6.90) which certainly lived up to its name. The soy patty was thin with a nice texture which felt a lot like meat. There was good flavor from the nutty satay sauce which gave a kick of spice alongside the onions. The veggies and cucumber rounded out the taste while the bun was quite dense, creating a nice balance.

    I'm a hardcore meat lover but I'll admit I definitely enjoyed this a lot more than expected. A refreshing change, especially if you like satay!
    Aaron 14 Aug 2015