Epicurious is a casual cafe next to the Singapore River with a vintage outdoor setting and a vast menu of home-made food. Amongst the breakfast, starter, salad, sandwich, and pasta options, they also serve up a burger or two.

The Epicurious Burger ($20+) features a home-made beef patty with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and a side of fries; you can add on cheese, bacon, or a fried egg for $2 each or $4 for all three. The all-day breakfast menu also includes an Epi Burger-wich ($18.60+), which has a 100g Epicurious beef patty with Monterey Jack Cheese, a marbled egg, and bacon.
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  • I had the Epicurious Burger ($20) whose homemade patty was almost like bolognese, both in the soft and crumbly texture as well as in taste. The bun was nice and went well with the patty, while the greens, sauteed onions, and mushrooms offered fresh yet subtle complimentary flavors. Overall the bolognese taste was quite central to the burger, which was quite refreshing and not too heavy as a whole. The side of shoestring fries was ok, with some crispy others others a bit stale.
    Aaron 18 Aug 2015