The Ultimate Guide to Eggs Benedict in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Eggs Benedict in Singapore

This dynamic, evolving and growing list will be your ultimate resource for the best Eggs Benedict in Singapore. Complete with user ratings, comments, and photos to reveal which Eggs Benedict you - the community - love the most. We'll be adding new Eggs Benedict venues to this list every few days, so be sure to check back regularly for updates and share your thoughts!
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  • Rokeby

    I went for their rather extravagant Fois Gras Benedict ($21.90) having never tried this combination previously. The dish was neatly presented, the eggs were of very good quality and well poached. The slightly glazed hollandaise sauce was a little lacking in a distinctive flavour but the consistency was good. Finally, the seared fois gras added a depth of rich flavour which was perhaps a little too much for me, but I'm glad I tried it and it was beautifully cooked.
    Stoopy 22 Oct 2015
  • Nassim Hill Bakery

    This venue provides a large open seating area with a well worn and French inspired interior that harks back to the 90s. I went for their Spicy Huevos Benedict ($20) which was well presented on a french bread rather the ciabatta advertised. The hollandaise sauce was creamy and distinct in flavour. I really enjoyed the combination of high quality chorizo and guacamole mixed in with the other flavours. Unfortunately, the eggs were of poor quality and under poached which detracted from the dish.
    Stoopy 17 Sep 2015
  • Riders Cafe

    Really nice brunch here on Sunday. Food was really good and atmosphere lovely. We had a stroll around the riding school grounds afterwards which was a nice way to settle a very good eggs benedict, echoing the thoughts of the comment below the tomatoes were sooo good , full of flavor , I am very glad they were present as made this dish one to remember . Will come again
    Smiley-81 14 Sep 2015
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  • Cafe Melba

    Went here on a Sunday for brunch, nice atmosphere, lots of families but feels quite relaxed. Café Melba’s location in the Arts Centre is a little different and it is nice to be able to sit outside next to some greenery. Had the Eggs Benedict with bacon which was delicious, eggs were best have had in Singapore and the accompanying salad with roasted cherry tomatoes makes it feel healthier than your average Eggs Benedict, particularly good balsamic dressing- would highly recommend.
    SHM2000 10 Sep 2015
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  • Cafe Melba

    Having noted this achieved 5 stars on Deetiles ratings, I was super keen to give it a try. I'm glad I did - Café Melba is a great spot (if a little too busy at the weekends), I had the standard Eggs Benedict and really enjoyed the dish - the little side salad with a sharp dressing really added to the plate ,and while the proportions are generous its wasn't so much that would put you to sleep for the remainder of the day. Looking forward to going back again and trying some of their other dishes
    Smiley-81 07 Sep 2015
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  • Curious Palette

    I'm a big fan of Strangers Reunion and was very excited to hear about their latest offering on Prinsep Street; it certainly didn't disappoint. The modest entrance leads into a beautifully decorated modern interior with trendy lighting and ornate hanging plants. I went for their Pulled Pork on Sourdough ($22.50) which was bursting with colour and fresh flavours. I would have preferred a little more of a distinctive hollandaise sauce but otherwise I couldn't put this dish wrong.
    Stoopy 07 Sep 2015
  • Baker and Cook

    A lovely combination with the sour dough bread and the chilli oil. Washed down with flat white. Heaven.
    Vaulks 06 Sep 2015
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  • Baker and Cook

    I went for their Eggs Benedict with Crispy Bacon ($17) and really enjoyed the stunning presentation of the dish. The hollandaise sauce was light in texture but a little too spicy for my liking when naturally combined with the drizzle of chilli oil and balsamic vinegar around the plate. I really enjoyed the fresh and well toasted bread base, spinach leaves, the well poached eggs of good quality and the crispy bacon.
    Stoopy 02 Sep 2015
  • Cafe Gavroche

    I am a big fan of this venue and had been meaning to drop by at the weekend for a while to sample their brunch menu. I went for their Oeufs Benedict ($22) and really enjoyed their traditional take on this dish. The hollandaise sauce was rich, creamy and delicious combining well with the crispy bacon. The eggs were of good quality but just a little over poached for my liking. I really enjoyed the surprising addition of fried potatoes and sausages that accompanied the dish.
    Stoopy 31 Aug 2015
  • The Provision Shop

    While it took me a little bit of time to locate The Provision Shop, it was well worth the effort. I went for their Almost a Florentine ($12) and really enjoyed the presentation and purposeful simplicity (paper plate, wooden knife and fork). The eggs were a little under poached for my liking but of good quality and the hollandaise sauce was excellent. The icing on the cake for me was the mixture of organic vegetables which greatly enhanced this novel take on Eggs Florentine.
    Stoopy 27 Aug 2015
  • Royz et Vous Specialty Coffee

    Always keen to find good brunch options in the CBD, I was excited to stumble upon this cafe which has recently relocated from the Kampong Glam area. I went for their Eggs Royale and found the presentation of the dish very easy on the eye. I enjoyed the fresh brioche base and well poached eggs of good quality. There was a hearty serving of smoked salmon but unfortunately the hollandaise sauce was a little lacking in distinctive flavour. I really enjoyed their potato salad on the side.
    Stoopy 24 Aug 2015
  • Jewel Cafe and Bar

    I'd been meaning to drop by this cafe for a little while since it is located not too far from where I live. I went for their Eggs Benedict ($15) which certainly made for a hearty brunch. The eggs were of good quality and were well poached. I felt the addition of back bacon alongside the more traditional ham was perhaps just a little too much meat for a dish of this nature. The hollandaise sauce was plentiful in portion but lacked distinctive flavour.
    Stoopy 21 Aug 2015
  • Jones the Grocer (Mandarin Gallery)

    I chose the Benedict Breakfast ($22) and enjoyed its presentation. The english muffin was thin and well toasted. The eggs were well poached and of good quality. I thought the ham was delicious and I enjoyed its combination with the serving of spinach. Unfortunately, I found the hollandaise sauce to be a little buttery and lacking any distinctive flavour which was a real shame. The side salad was fresh but could have done with some dressing.
    Stoopy 19 Aug 2015
  • The Book Cafe

    I'm a big fan of cafes which double up as great venues to read your book or newspaper so I'd been looking forward to visiting this venue for a while. I went for their Eggs Benedict ($15.95) and enjoyed the good quality eggs that were well poached. While not listed on the menu, the fresh spinach leaf base came as a good addition alongside the decent quality honey baked ham and subtle but tasty hollandaise sauce. The rosti potato with a dollop of sour cream rounded off a very enjoyable brunch.
    Stoopy 17 Aug 2015
  • The Clueless Goat

    I really enjoyed the handmade feel to this cafe which was exemplified when the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon arrived on their own homemade ceramic plate. The eggs were of average quality but were well poached. The multi-grain toast made for a refreshing change from a more traditional english muffin or brioche base. The smoked salmon came as a healthy serving and was of good quality. The hollandaise sauce had a good consistency and rich flavour. I also enjoyed the additional side salad.
    Stoopy 14 Aug 2015
  • The Assembly Ground

    I liked the interior of this cafe and hipster theme despite its slightly out-of-place location on the ground floor of a modern shopping mall. I ordered their Eggs Benji ($16) and enjoyed the well poached eggs and accompanying golden yoke. The ham was of decent quality and placed rather artistically both underneath and on top of the poached eggs. Their hollandaise sauce had a good distinctive flavour and the honey mustard dressed side salad rounded off an enjoyable brunch.
    Stoopy 13 Aug 2015
  • Arteastiq Tea House

    In keeping with the opulent style of this venue, their Aphrodite Crabcake Benedict was well presented. I wasn't sure what to make of the crabcake addition to this traditional dish but ended up enjoying the richness of flavour. The eggs were slightly under poached for my liking but of good quality. Their hollandaise sauce blended well with the overall flavours and I enjoyed the addition of asparagus.
    Stoopy 11 Aug 2015
  • Boufe Boutique Cafe

    I went for the Eggs Benedict ($16) and really enjoyed their deliciously fresh brioche base. The eggs were well poached and of good quality. I enjoyed their creamy hollandaise sauce and the side salad with balsamic dressing. Being a little bit of a ham snob, I didn't think it matched the otherwise high quality of the dish but I very much enjoyed the overall experience.
    Stoopy 05 Aug 2015
  • Symmetry Cafe

    @Stoopy hi Stoopy,
    loving the Eggs benedict dedication!
    A mega fan of this one. the sauteed mushroom (almost paste) was a great addition. Disagree about the hash brown - an amazing unexpected bonus - big thumbs up!
    hugot1984 03 Aug 2015
  • Symmetry Cafe

    I really like the atmosphere and setting of this cafe. I went for the Symmetry Eggs Benedict ($22) and really enjoyed the presentation of the dish on their signature granite themed plates. The eggs were of good quality but a little under poached for my liking. I enjoyed the bacon and sauteed mushrooms alongside the toasted english muffins. The hash brown on the side didn't do very much for me although I enjoyed the side salad. Their glazed hollandaise sauce was not deep enough in flavour.
    Stoopy 03 Aug 2015
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