De Burg

De Burg made its mark on the Singapore burger scene as a western hawker stall in Bukit Merah and has since relocated to a dedicated shop in Kallang. Its seemingly endless menu of burger options (fries included) is broken up into several categories - signature and celebrity burgers, beef burgers, lamb burgers, seafood burgers, pork burgers, chicken burgers, vegan burgers, and healthy burgers as well as a large selection of sides, add-ons, and drinks.

Notable burgers include the signature De Burg ($18.50+) which features a 200g Australian beef patty, BBQ sauce, cheese, grilled crispy bacon, grilled portobello mushroom, greens, tomatoes, onions, and mayo; as well as The Showdown Challege aka CHIBABOOM ($99.90+) which consists of 5x 200g burgers and 500g of chips (free if you finish in under 20 minutes). The beef, lamb, seafood, pork, and chicken burger options come in 50g, 100g, and 200g sizes ranging from $5 to $30.
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  • I had this for lunch one day with some colleagues and thought it was a pretty simple, fuss-free burger. Prices are a tad steep if you're talking about a lunch option in the CBD, but sometimes you just got to have your beef and eat it. I thought the patty I had was a tad dry and the fries came a bit mushy, but I guess they didn't say there was anything gourmet about it!
    catastrofree 22 Jul 2015
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  • I had the 200g 'Baconcheese' burger ($17.50). The patty isn't exactly thick but it is wide and nicely cooked - good texture, flavor, and while a bit chewy at times, it went well with the condiments. The fresh toppings were great: the bacon was extremely crispy and enjoyable, and the faint taste of BBQ sauce wasn't too faint nor overpowering. The bun is large and normal, as were the just slightly crispy fries. Overall it isn't super special, but it is a well executed burger that'll satisfy you.
    Aaron 06 Jul 2015