Astons has a plethora of outlets across Singapore offering affordable western cuisine in a casual restaurant setting. While they may be most recognized for their steaks, chicken, and fish, Astons also serves a variety of standalone burgers.

The menu includes the Beefy Jack Burger ($6.90 NETT), the Chicken Burger ($5.90 NETT), the Pepper Chicken Burger ($5.90 NETT), the Fish Fillet Burger ($5.90 NETT), the Dinner Burger ($8.90), and the Wagyu Burger ($13.90 NETT).

Last but certainly not least, those looking for something big and special can go for the iEat Super Burger ($14.90 NETT), which features a beef patty topped with a large slab of fried onions, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, and BBQ sauce atop a sesame bun.

There are over 20 Astons Specialties & Astons Express outlets across Singapore (check their website below for specific locations).
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  • The iEat Super Burger ($14.90) is HUGE! The beef patty was thick, cooked well, and fairly juicy; not amazing on its own but went very well with all the toppings. I loved the towering stack of fried onions which added a nice flavor and crispiness. The lettuce, tomato, and mayo offered a touch of different tastes but was mostly overpowered by the bacon, onion, and BBQ sauce. If you like those flavors then this is a great bang-for-your-buck, no frills burger that'll cure any hunger you may have.
    Aaron 31 Jul 2015