District 10

District 10 is a chic bar serving modern European cuisine and a wide selection of drinks. Amongst their food offerings is the Black Angus Beef Burger which features a prime beef patty grilled over hot charcoal, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a side of natural cut fries.

The burger is available on the ala-carte menu ($22++) which also comes with a mixed salad, or as a set lunch special ($19++) which includes your choice of appetizer (soup of the day, District 10 salad, or Black Angus beef carpaccio) and either coffee or tea.
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  • I had the Black Angus Beef Burger ($19 w/ set lunch) which had a dense, buttery bun that I really enjoyed. The beef patty was quite chewy in texture with decent juiciness and hints of salt/seasoning that made for a great taste. There was a strong cheese & mayo flavor which was refreshingly good alongside the tomato. The fries were alright - thick but not very crispy. Overall a tasty burger that I'll glady have again.

    ps. the beef carpaccio was great, making for fantastic value as a set lunch.
    Aaron 28 Aug 2015
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