Jack Ripper

w/ fries & onions

Jack Ripper is a Western hawker stall at Alexandra Food Village specializing in gourmet burgers. Their handmade buns are baked daily, their meat is sourced from Japan and Australia, and their beef is 100% premium grass fed. All burgers come with a side of natural cut fries.

Their extensive burger menu includes: Ripper's Original ($12+) house blend single layer cheesy burger; Ripper's Classic ($16+) with all natural beef, Jack's sauce, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato and onion; SoCal Guacamole ($18+, beef patty); Crunch Bird ($16+, chicken patty); Chicky Tangerine ($16+, marinated chicken patty); Swine & Roses ($18+, pork patty stuffed w/ sage & apple); Feta Beast ($22, spice-infused lamb patty); Captain Hook ($18+, salmon patty), and Blue'shroom ($18+, portobello mushroom).

If you need a bit more, you can add on extra cheese (+$1), a number of additional toppings (+$1.50 ea), or an extra burger patty (+$6 beef, +$5 pork, +$4 chicken, +$7 lamb).
FoodGuideSG 12 Sep 2015   ⋅   653 views