Raven at Chijmes is a restaurant-bar that serves an all-new cuisine coined 'The New Americas'; Northern and Southern American food with an Asian flair that aims and seeks to create an all-encompassing dining experience to re-energize jaded palates.

Their menu of small plates, salads, pastas, mains, and house-made desserts includes the Raven Burger "Cemita" ($22++), which features a 180g beef chuck patty, chipotle, avocado, chorizo cream, red onions, and corn chips alongside fries.
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  • The Raven "Cemita" Burger ($22) has a thick juicy patty with a great slightly chewy-yet-tender texture and a nice, subtle beef taste. The chipotle and ingredients added a LOT of spices and flavors packing a nice kick to the taste buds, while the avacado, cheese, and sauce added a salty, savoury twist. The bun is soft with a light butter taste, while the medium-sized fries were perfectly crispy and fluffy.

    Overall a great burger with a great patty and unique spiced flavor: 4.5, almost 5 stars
    Aaron 06 Oct 2015
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