Skyve Wine Bistro

Skyve’s ‘Snoozy Brunch’ and ‘Sluggish Lunch’ menus include two burgers, both of which cost $25++ and come with a side of truffle fries. The Skyve Beef Burger features a char grilled beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, apple mustard, bacon, and bernaise sauce. Those looking for something different can try the Kurobuta Pork Cheeks Burger, which has 6 hour braised pork cheeks in balsamic vinegar, kimchi salad, and sweet & spicy Korean sauce.
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  • The Skyve Beef Burger ($25) is exactly what I want in a great gourmet burger. The bun is well toasted yet fluffy making for a lovely texture, with the cheese melted into it. The patty is thick, juicy, and tender, and while not super flavorful on its own is nicely complimented by the slightly crispy and salty bacon. The generous portion of truffle fries was crispy yet soft for a fantastic texture, with a faint truffle aroma which I enjoyed. The meal’s overall serving size is perfect.
    Aaron 01 Jul 2015