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  • Prepaid Credit Cards (IMAGINE, FEVO, M1) in Best Credit Cards for Airline Miles in Singapore

    @Bariscan Hi Bariscan, sure thing - please feel free to email me at aaron @ deetiles dot com
    10 Nov 2016
  • The Market Grill in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    Just went back to have this again recently, still as good as I remembered! Will definitely be coming back for more
    01 May 2016
  • Eighteen Chefs in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Eighteen Beef Burger ($13.80) which has sliced beef instead of a traditional patty. The meat was thin with a chewy texture, and had a sweet flavor that didn't really make sense in a burger IMHO. The cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce were quite faint in comparison, while the accompanying sauce had a tangy yet spicy kick. The bun was slightly dense and quite normal, and the wedges were lightly crispy and soft on the inside.

    An interesting concept, though not for traditional burger lovers.
    16 Dec 2015
  • Fresh Fruits Lab in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had Da Bomb Burger ($19) which had a nicely toasted bun that was quite dense. The patty is very, very thick with a strong beefy and salty flavor, and a chewy texture that wasn't tender nor tough. The thick bacon was fairly salty but was offset a bit by the soft egg, while the greens below attempted to round out tastes but were mostly overwhelmed by the patty and bacon. The shoestring fries were decently good and the fruit salad was tangy and refreshing.
    01 Dec 2015
  • Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I went for The Great Burger ($16) whose patty had mixed textures - tougher on the charred outside yet nicely soft and grainy on the inside. The beef taste was very good, shining through the other ingredients to be central to the overall burger. There were also lots of tangy flavors - likely the cherry tomatoes - while the crispy bacon wasn't salty but still nice. The bun was soft yet quite dense at times, and the shoestring garlic fries weren't too crispy but had an awesome taste. 4.5 stars!
    10 Nov 2015
  • Burp Kitchen & Bar in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had Burp's Beef Burger ($14) which had a nice fluffy Brioche bun with a light buttery taste. The beef patty was both fresh and tender, with great subtle flavors and hints of spice in the meat; however it was also slightly on the dry side. The cheese, greens, and mayo added nice tastes to the overall burger. The potato salad was also delightfully refreshing and not too strong nor heavy.

    If you're a fan of quality, subtle flavors instead of super strong tastes, then this burger is for you.
    02 Nov 2015
  • [EXPIRED] UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX in Best Credit Cards for Airline Miles in Singapore

    @nicolajtroup Thanks for the heads up! I've updated the info to include that it has been discontinued as of October 1, 2015. Looks like the existing cardholders can continue to use it and get the miles though, so good thing you got it in time :)
    30 Oct 2015
  • Spicy Crayfish @ Xie Lao Song (蟹老宋) in My Favorite Food in Singapore

    The cumin beef (also available in lamb) is very good!
    22 Oct 2015
  • Jones the Grocer in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    The Jones Classic Wagyu Burger ($26) had a slightly chewy patty with a nice beef taste, but a bit on the tough side. The truffle mayo was the best part with a nice aroma and flavor, while the crispy bacon, caramelized onions, and cheese was good too. The sauces and pickles were tangy, but the bun was quite dense and dense causing a dry feeling. The fries were quite average and not crispy, and the coleslaw was decent but a touch heavy on the dressing. A decent yet fairly normal burger.
    22 Oct 2015
  • Bread Street Kitchen in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the BSK Burger ($28) whose juicy short-rib beef patty had a very nice yet subtle beef taste. The thick bun was neither too soft nor dense, with a fluffy spongy feel and small hints of buttery flavor. Other than that however, the overall taste was very light which led to a rather plain experience. The fries were crispy with a great texture and decent taste.

    I'd love a bit more flavor on this burger to help out the great patty, but those who prefer subtle tastes may enjoy it the way it is
    16 Oct 2015
  • Raven in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    The Raven "Cemita" Burger ($22) has a thick juicy patty with a great slightly chewy-yet-tender texture and a nice, subtle beef taste. The chipotle and ingredients added a LOT of spices and flavors packing a nice kick to the taste buds, while the avacado, cheese, and sauce added a salty, savoury twist. The bun is soft with a light butter taste, while the medium-sized fries were perfectly crispy and fluffy.

    Overall a great burger with a great patty and unique spiced flavor: 4.5, almost 5 stars
    06 Oct 2015
  • Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Candied Bacon Beef Burger ($20) which had a soft patty with a subtle beef taste. This went perfectly with the ingredients, as the toppings added a TON of savoury flavors between the caramelized onions, sugary candied bacon, and mayo. Rounded out with the cheese and tomato, the overall taste was both unique and delicious. The bun was soft and light, with a spongy texture and light buttery taste, while the shoestring fries were perfectly crispy and tasty.
    29 Sep 2015
  • SEAR in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the SEAR Wagyu Burger with the 3-course set lunch ($44) and was expecting a lot for the price ($5 more than the grilled Wagyu steak option). The patty is quite tender with a light beef taste, but it wasn't very thick nor flavorful. The toppings were refreshingly tangy - I tasted tomato and avocado amongst other ingredients - while the bun was soft, slightly dense, and quite normal. The shoestring fries were crispy and great. Overall a good burger, but nothing too special given the cost.
    22 Sep 2015
  • Chili's Grill & Bar in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Sweet & Smoky Burger ($25.50) whose patty was fairly dry, had a slightly chewy texture, and a light beef taste - while large I wouldn't consider it gourmet. The crispy onion rings, BBQ sauce, and red onions added much needed flavor which was savory with a bit of spiced kick, easily overpowering the other ingredients. The bun was quite dense and normal while the thick fries were very average.

    It tastes like a nicer Carl's Jr. Western Bacon burger, which isn't great given the price.
    15 Sep 2015
  • Jack Ripper in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Ripper's Classic ($16) and added crispy bacon and caramelized onion ($1.50 ea). The bun was soft, with a light texture and a nice but faint taste. The patty was also soft, with a slightly mushy feel and subtle beef taste. The cheese, bacon, and onions helped to add some flavor but they weren't too strong in taste either. The fries were a bit crispy but mostly average. The overall burger was enjoyable and has potential, though I would have appreciated a bit more flavor or saltiness.
    12 Sep 2015
  • Matthew Ho in 9th LOCC

    Agreed about horniness!! If anything you've underestimated it by a few orders of magnitude
    11 Sep 2015
  • Wayne Teo Yong Hoe in 9th LOCC

    Our dearest SoH, for life!!!
    11 Sep 2015
  • MeatLiquor SIN in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Bacon Cheeseburger ($24) which was medium sized. The bun was soft and a bit dense though without much taste. The patty was nice and juicy with a grainy texture and awesome meaty flavor; a bit chewy and charred at the edges. The cheese and bacon bits added a nice taste without being too strong. The condiments were a bit tangy, contributing to a great taste overall.

    A delicious burger though a slightly bigger size, included fries, or cheaper price would make it perfect.
    08 Sep 2015
  • Meat Smith in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Brisket Burger ($12) which was medium-small in size. While it doesn't look like much - just the bun, some meat, and a few toppings - the burger was actually very good. The bun was chewy and springy without being dense, and had a great taste. The shredded meat was very savory, and though not really juicy nor tender (since it is shredded) it had a great texture and a really enjoyable brisket flavor. Adding a touch of BBQ sauce made the burger near-perfect. A very solid 4.5/5 stars.
    05 Sep 2015
  • Ollie Cafe in The Ultimate Guide to Burgers in Singapore

    I had the Muddy Burger ($19.90) which was big and very messy. The beef patty is thick though quite generic in texture and taste. There was a strong nacho cheese flavor which had hints of truffle, crispy nacho chips and fresh guacamole & greens for unique textures & tastes, and tangy tomato chili which was rich but not overpowering. The soft bun was easy to miss, but the seasoned fries were great - very crispy, excellent texture & a touch of truffle. Overall a rich and filling meal w/ good value.
    03 Sep 2015
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